Lysi Life is Leading in Plastic Recycling

Article published April 30. 2022

skin- sink

Lysi Life is proud to be a co-founder of Pure North Recycling, a project that aims to inspire companies in Iceland to recycle plastic and reduce their carbon footprint.

All plastic that is used in Lysi Life’s operations is recycled into plastic pallets using only geothermal and other eco-friendly energy. These recycling methods, based on Icelandic innovation, are unique worldwide. Third-party tests have shown that the processes result in the world’s most eco-friendly plastic. For each metric ton of plastic that is recycled, 0.7 metric tons of carbon are saved. Additionally, for each metric ton of recycled plastic, 1.8 tons of crude oil are saved, due to the extensive amounts of crude oil required in the production of new plastic

The project is a significant part of Lysi Life’s environmental and sustainability policy. We are proud to be not only active but also proactive in the protection of nature.