Respect for the environment is at the heart of what we do. The production of the highest quality fish oil depends on maintaining fish populations in our oceans. The vibrant fisheries in the pure waters around Iceland are an extremely important source of raw materials for LYSI.

The company is focused on minimising food waste by fully utilising all raw material obtained from the fishing industry. LYSI offers sustainably certified products from fish stocks that are responsibly harvested and are not listed as endangered species.

LYSI also develops valuable by-products from residue material from the fish oil production. Furthermore, the company emphasises on continuing using over 95% renewable energy and minimising waste from production.

Environmental sustainability
FOS certificate
MSC certificate


LYSI holds the following sustainability certifications:


A project of the World Sustainability Organization to assure the public that fish products come from responsibly and sustainably managed fisheries.


Standard that ensures fisheries are well managed and responsibly harvested to prevent overfishing and secure seafood supplies for the future.