Although LYSI has been in business for decades, the processing facility in Reykjavik inaugurated in 2005 and expanded in 2012 has elevated LYSI's status to one of the world's most advanced processors of its kind.

The plant is uniquely equipped with highly specialised production units for complete fish oil processing and is specifically designed for flexibility and customised solutions. Being located in Iceland renewable energy and clean water is used for production.

Lýsi factory
Gauge in Lysi factory


The process includes neutralisation, bleaching, winterisation, distillation and deodorisation. The equipment has been specifically designed to minimise oxidation of the oil and to remove taste and smell in the final product by natural means.

Flexible production

LYSI has the expertise to produce fish oil products that are in demand from Icelandic fish stocks and imported crude fish oils from other parts of the world. The company uses its extensive equipment and know-how to offer a wide range of natural health products to its customers.

Gauge in Lysi factory