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Lýsi has a market share of over 75% on the Icelandic omega health food market

Although Lýsi is first and foremost an exporting company, with sales to almost 90 countries, the company has also developed an important home market in Iceland. Lýsi has a market share of over 75% in the Icelandic health food market, with various consumer products offered for sale in local stores and supermarkets.

The domestic market plays an essential role for Lýsi, as a benchmark, testing ground, and research site.

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Research and development

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Leaders in research

Lýsi has been leading in research and product development of marine lipids over the past decades. The link between leadership in research and development on the one hand, and in marketing and sales on the other, is important both for Lýsi's management and for the company's success.

Thanks to close cooperation with leading international pharmaceutical firms and research organizations, Lýsi is commonly regarded as one of the global leaders in the field of marine oils and their utilization. The company also collaborates with the University of Iceland and Matis, the Icelandic Food and Biotech R&D on a continuous basis.

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Strict quality system

Quality is our number one priority. We are constantly striving to improve the quality of our products and services. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience.

To implement this, management has established a certified quality system conforming to the FSSC 22000 food safety standard. Furthermore, Lýsi has extended the scope of the above standard by incorporating special requirements for sanitary measures, work surroundings, and premises.

These factors are subject to the regulations of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice and Pharmaceutical Production), a prerequisite for obtaining authorization for pharmaceutical production and packaging.

Our principles

  • To train and educate the company's personnel in order to increase their skills and knowledge.

  • To manufacture quality products that meet the requirements and expectations of customers.

  • To undertake research and product development in order to meet customer needs.

  • To ensure that the company yields reasonable profit allowing for development and progress.

Lýsi processing plants - Second to none

Although Lýsi's operations have been ongoing for several decades, the new processing plants, inaugurated in 2005 and 2012, elevated Lýsi's status to one of the most advanced processors of its kind in the world. The plants are uniquely equipped with highly specialized production units for complete fish oil processing. The process includes neutralization, bleaching, winterization, distillation, deodorization, and standardization.

The equipment has been specifically designed to minimize oxidation of the oil and to remove taste and smell in the final product by natural means.

Flexible production of specialty oils

As requests for new types of fish oils have increased, Lýsi has escalated the import of crude marine lipids from other parts of the world for processing in Iceland. The company has achieved optimal utilization of equipment and know-how and offers its customers an extended range of natural health products.

Quality raw material

As requests for new types of fish oils have increased, Lýsi has escalated the import of crude marine lipids from other parts of the world for processing in Iceland. The company has achieved optimal utilization of equipment and know-how and offers its customers an extended range of natural health products.


Lýsi's main processing plants for fish oils are in Reykjavik. The company also runs a fish liver rendering plant, as well as a drying unit for fish heads and pet food production, in Thorlakshofn. Akraborg the canning factory in Akranes is a subsidiary of Lýsi.

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